Welcome to our Resources page. On this page, you will find many useful links for your travel and stay in Belize. If you are looking to move to Belize, this information will be invaluable. You can find anything from the best tourist sites to the best Spanish schools when you follow these links.

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Things to Know About Belize

The following links tell you interesting things about the culture, history, food, etc. of Belize. It is always good to have a bit of background before visiting a new city or country.

Health and Vaccinations

When visiting Belize, you may need to have a few vaccinations done before you go. These sites will explain which vaccinations you need and why.

Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Spots

There are many beautiful hotels in Belize. Visit these links to find out where is the best place to stay. You will find 5-star hotels and ones that may suit the budget a bit better. You will also find some amazing restaurants and tourist spots on these links.

Schools and Education

If you plan to move to Belize, these links will explain about the education system and also list a few of the known schools.

Living in Belize

These links are also for those who want to move to Belize. You will find tips for living in Belize as well as some properties that are up for rent. It will give you an idea about costs and how to plan.

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